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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SHE U,Carolynn。許 佳琳。:mee earrings。

This is a series for my cousin Carolynn Hsu. A series of her.

mee, myself, and I。我是佳琳。

This was the first piece I designed / finished for the series as Carolynn wished to start with earrings. In one of her e-mails she wrote: ' .... I really like the idea of rice. In Chinese pronounced "mee" and in English a reference to self. I also make connections to rice as offspring and something that in an integral part of our culture albeit as food, celebratory uses. In my own work it often refers to my sibilings and I to represent the next generation and the "gaps" that exist within culture. '


I then took the very original form of rice for this pair. Instead of making a grain of rice, I used eight triangular wires to build up the form of it. Triangles are often found in Carolynn's art works, and I believe that triangular wire shows the fineness of a grain of rice better than other shapes, especially when a Chinese character of rice「」is shown at the tips of the earring.



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