jeLLOw pAgeS,工具。

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

auntie Mei。三。

The little HUAN doesn't associate with the shape of a ring directly this time because I have found something more interesting than the object itself.



Auntie Mei is my third auntie, my grandma's third daughter, and the sixth child. She is sixty years old (an important age in Chinese culture) this year, and her star signs are Snake (Chinese calendar) and Cancer (Greek Myth). I thought of the numbers and symbols immediately and connected them to each other, then I have got the elements and ideas for the HUAN.

The symbol of Cancer, the symbol of Snake; the star of Cancer, the specific Chinese character of Snake; the image of earth, and the image of mother(land).


9 karat yellow gold: the Cancer; fine silver: the Moon; 18 karat yellow gold: the Earth, and the mother / my grandma.


The little HUANs, grandma's children.