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Monday, August 15, 2011

SanDIY casting, attempt 2。

I have learnt that Delft clay is a substance that is like a sand mixes with oil, so I mixed the silica sand with oil this time - without the clay powder.

沙/砂模鑄造第二試。Delft clay是金工沙/砂模鑄造使用的一 種……油性「土」,是一種類似沙/砂與油混合的物質。於是這次我用油取代水,開模。

I made a proportion of 10:2, silica sand and oil for the fist try, and the mixture was too greasy and it slipped down from the aluminium ring. Oops.





I then went back to the formula with silica sand, clay powder, and oil, which in a proportion of 10:1:1. As shown in the photo, I presume that oil may not be a good friend as water to clay powder.

To be continued.

Saturday, August 06, 2011