jeLLOw pAgeS,工具。

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Filigree workshop 頭一遭。


I went to a metalsmith workshop and joined Mr. Pan's Miao style silver jewellery course last week, and I immediately fell in love with the filigree of Miao's bronze drum pattern. Mr. Pan is from GuiZhou, China, who has been working as a silver craftsman more than 25 years and has made numerous of Miao style crafts and jewellery. Miao's bronze drum pattern varies in different Miao tribes and families, and it shows not only the fineness and beauty of the pattern itself, but also contains historical and traditional meanings and messages.



After Mr. Pan's demonstration, it's our turn.... .


(i'm balanced。平。)


I didn't take the photo of the set of two - it's a scale. The two plates are different to each other in all aspects - the length, the shape, the weight, and the distance to the fulcrum. As well as this, the lever has contrasting ends too - a straight, well-shaped end, and a forged, descending end. Even the fulcrum location would change if making the hanger (for the lever) with a different material (and I couldn't figure out why)!





Hopefully I could take some nice photos of the scale in the exhibition. Here's the original look of the plates:


Monday, September 05, 2011

SanDIY casting, attempt 3。

Liquid glass / water glass (sodium silicate / Na₂SiO₃) is another choice for making a sand casting mould. The seller told me that after mixing the substances, they will harden the mould by injecting CO₂ to it for industrial use, but in my case he wasn't sure if it would work as my mould is tiny and I haven't got CO₂ and the tools.

I am going to give a try anyway. I didn't inject CO₂ to the first mould either and it worked.




I mixed the silica sand and Na₂SiO₃ in the proportion of 10:1 for the first try. The mixture was soft and had a greasy texture, and little silica sand fell from the mould when I separated the top and bottom rings.

I decided to make another mould and leave it for a while, in order to see if a 'hardened' mould would be a better one. I came back after 15 minutes. It looked quite close to the first mould but harder and crispier, and about the same amount of silica sand fell from the mould.



I made the third mould with silica sand and Na₂SiO₃ in a proportion of 10:2. It was not so different to the previous ones, except the texture is stickier so that the mould was not neat and tidy. CO₂ is absolutely needed.


Monday, August 15, 2011

SanDIY casting, attempt 2。

I have learnt that Delft clay is a substance that is like a sand mixes with oil, so I mixed the silica sand with oil this time - without the clay powder.

沙/砂模鑄造第二試。Delft clay是金工沙/砂模鑄造使用的一 種……油性「土」,是一種類似沙/砂與油混合的物質。於是這次我用油取代水,開模。

I made a proportion of 10:2, silica sand and oil for the fist try, and the mixture was too greasy and it slipped down from the aluminium ring. Oops.





I then went back to the formula with silica sand, clay powder, and oil, which in a proportion of 10:1:1. As shown in the photo, I presume that oil may not be a good friend as water to clay powder.

To be continued.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

SanDIY casting, attempt 1。

The first cast, the second type of sand, with the third formula for the mould - a mixture of silica sand, clay powder, and water, in a proportion of 10:1:1.

To be continued.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Series of mOOn。月の系列。


I fell in love with Lava when I first time saw it. The dark, dull, and rough surface gives it a very different appearance to other stones, which makes it so extraordinary in those jewels.


under the moonlight。方寸之間。

the rocks。天上的圓,地上的方。

Earth and Moon。天球與地球。

the phases, the faces。旬・循。

wander, and wonder。徑・靜・境。


To be continued.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Waxy Nephrite。蠟光閃玉。

I love the greyish / dark green colour of Taiwan Jade (Nephrite), and these waxy babies really caught my eyes!

to dear wife。吾妻。

of a couple。百年・好合。


Sunday, January 30, 2011

SHE U,Carolynn。許 佳琳。:connecting bangle。

The flights make drawings when flying from and to, inbound and outbound between the cities. I took the drawings that Carolynn has for the design of this piece.


 home around。環・鐶。

I asked Carolynn for her travelling routes between Taipei and Ottawa and connected the transfer cities for the shapes of the pieces for the bangle, and soldered the ends of the inner piece to form a circle. Then I cut the pieces of a set of mortise and tenon, which was found in the basement of grandmother's apartment, to fit the ends of the inner and outer piece, and joined the wooden pieces to the inner circle at the joint.


I then riveted the ends of the outer piece to the mortise and tenon / inner piece, and all is connected.

This is a commemorative piece to our grandmother, and a emblematical piece to the HSUs. This is a piece about connection.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

SHE U,Carolynn。許 佳琳。:chopstick ring。


A pair of chopsticks is considered as a symbol of good fortune in Chinese culture. It is not only because a set of two (things that are used together or regarded as a unit) is regarded as lucky (especially for married couples as 'a pair' ), but also the pronunciation of chopsticks in Chinese language is similar to 'welcoming the babies soon'.



Bamboo is another vital element, which appears frequently with rice, in Carolynn's art works. In scientific classification, bamboo and rice have close relationship to each other as they are in the same family, as well as chopsticks to rice in Chinese culture. So I used a pair of chopsticks and a rice pearl for the piece, as they are representing parents and the child(ren).

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SHE U,Carolynn。許 佳琳。:rice pendant。

I asked Carolynn whether she would like a necklace or a pendant + chain, and she answered: ' I prefer it to be a pendant + chain.... the pendant itself is what I am more interested in. '



I continued using the rice form for this piece, and added some points of my view about Carolynn. I have always had an impression of her of being independent for some reason, although we don't see or talk to each other very often (the time before last time we met was when we were age 7! ) .



This is a 2-in-1 pendant and has an inner and an outer piece. The inner piece has the original form of a grain of rice, solid and tactile as a rich one; then I built up the outer piece with triangular wire again, and made it as the container for the inner piece. Instead of using straight lines as on the earrings, I sort of 'drew' a contour of a grain of rice with wires and gave it a sketchy feel, as Carolynn is an artist and art teacher and has made many extraordinary works of art.


The inner and outer piece can be worn individually, or joined together as the title: 'in the pendant' .

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SHE U,Carolynn。許 佳琳。:mee earrings。

This is a series for my cousin Carolynn Hsu. A series of her.

mee, myself, and I。我是佳琳。

This was the first piece I designed / finished for the series as Carolynn wished to start with earrings. In one of her e-mails she wrote: ' .... I really like the idea of rice. In Chinese pronounced "mee" and in English a reference to self. I also make connections to rice as offspring and something that in an integral part of our culture albeit as food, celebratory uses. In my own work it often refers to my sibilings and I to represent the next generation and the "gaps" that exist within culture. '


I then took the very original form of rice for this pair. Instead of making a grain of rice, I used eight triangular wires to build up the form of it. Triangles are often found in Carolynn's art works, and I believe that triangular wire shows the fineness of a grain of rice better than other shapes, especially when a Chinese character of rice「」is shown at the tips of the earring.



Friday, January 21, 2011

auntie Rong。小姑姑。

Another little HUAN, the youngest daughter of my grandmother. I thought of a donut when connecting auntie Rong to my grandmother. The little soft ring, cute and sweet.


It is a golden hen on one side, with a garnet as her eye; using red colour is not only for the element of the year, but also it is my grandmother's favourite colour for daughters.


On the other side, I reproduced the patteren on my grandmother's knitting, a lace table cloth. I wished to do it with laser cutting for a really detail pattern; however no one is doing it in here. Pity.

The little HUANs, grandma's children.