jeLLOw pAgeS,工具。

Sunday, January 30, 2011

SHE U,Carolynn。許 佳琳。:connecting bangle。

The flights make drawings when flying from and to, inbound and outbound between the cities. I took the drawings that Carolynn has for the design of this piece.


 home around。環・鐶。

I asked Carolynn for her travelling routes between Taipei and Ottawa and connected the transfer cities for the shapes of the pieces for the bangle, and soldered the ends of the inner piece to form a circle. Then I cut the pieces of a set of mortise and tenon, which was found in the basement of grandmother's apartment, to fit the ends of the inner and outer piece, and joined the wooden pieces to the inner circle at the joint.


I then riveted the ends of the outer piece to the mortise and tenon / inner piece, and all is connected.

This is a commemorative piece to our grandmother, and a emblematical piece to the HSUs. This is a piece about connection.

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