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Friday, September 09, 2016

my kintSUgi / kintSUkUROi pRActiceS01。金継ぎ/金繕い,練習(一)。

I have fallen in love with kintsugi (golden joinery) / kintsukuroi (golden repair) for a while, not only because of the idea of wabi-sabi, but also behind this, I see the concept of 'respect' - well, it might not be very precise, but it is the closest word to my thoughts.


Recently I have found a short video that showing the kintsukuroi  / kintsugi techniques. It looks not too difficult, so I start doing research and studying it myself. Firstly, I have to get the ingredients for the 'glue'.



I bought three flours with different gluten content: very high-gluten flour, bread flour, and cake flour. See the thickness experiments (basic, flour and water only) below:

cake flour

bread flour

very high-gluten flour


The proportion of the flour and water is 1:1 (for all three flours), but it is too much for cake flour and bread flour, and still thin for very high-gluten flour. To have the best result, the crucial point is to add water slowly, bit by bit until it reaches the appropriate texture; in addition, flour with higher gluten content absorbs more (and quicker) water than lower one, therefore I would wash away a NG texture and redo a new one if I was using low-gluten flour, whereas if I was using a higher one, I would add more flour (bit by bit) to fix it up. Higher is easier.



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